The Top 6 Digital Marketing Blogs Every Business Should Bookmark


Digital marketing moves at a frightening rate. Often the only way to maintain is to continue reading. But with so many digital advertising blogs out there that it may be tough to differentiate between the useful reads as well as the digital advertising weeds.

At the Digital Marketing Institute, we often keep current with a couple of superior sites the ones we know are valuable, dependable, compelling and original. But we were thinking it would be selfish keeping them to ourselves.

That’s why we’re discussing our six favorite sites with you so that you can bookmark them, stick them in a spreadsheet or discuss them with your electronic marketing friends. Go on, get reading…

1. Digital Marketing News & Views, Marketing Land:

What You Can Expect:

The top things about Marketing Land are that it features daily breaking news reports about all parts of the digital marketing industry so it is possible to get the majority of your electronic marketing news from the one place. The writers at Marketing Land often publish useful tips and strategies you can use on your very own Digital marketing campaigns. However, one of our favorite things about this site is that it features specialist articles written by subject matter specialists.

Maintaining up to date with significant upcoming launches and electronic marketing announcements and helping you to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Digital Marketing Stats & Studies: Kiss Metrics:

Kiss Metrics succeeds in analytics, testing and marketing, and its website articles reflect this specialist knowledge. You may anticipate a bunch of beautifully designed infographics comprising the latest digital advertising statistics, research, and tests. You will also find an array of useful digital marketing guides which tackle topics like email advertising, social websites and customer analytics.

Conducting research for your own articles and picking useful statistics to use for your effort proposals.

3. Search Engine Marketing: Moz Blog:

If in the event that you’d really like to be an SEO celebrity you’ll love Moz Blog we promise. It is packed full of helpful blog articles about the best way to handle each component of your SEO plan and practice by the technical issues such as how to overcome duplicate content issues into communication tactics like articles strategy and relationship building. Our favorite thing about Moz Blog is that it helps you keep track of and understand the mechanisms behind the hottest SEO updates.

It’s Super Useful For:

Step-by-step how-to guides in case you are want to learn how to do something fresh in search this is the blog for you.

4. Content Marketing: Content Marketing Institute:

You can look forward to delving into initial content marketing research, including advice on the content promoting business’s benchmarks, budgets, and trends. The blog is home to numerous compelling articles written about a content plan, blogging and storytelling best practices. Another bonus is that it keeps you updated with the latest content marketing occasions. Well worth a surf and a bookmark for Digital marketing.

It’s Super Useful For:

Learning how to craft and execute a successful and quantifiable content advertising strategy of your own.

5. Social Media: Social Media Examiner:

What You Can Expect:

As the name suggests Social Media Examiner dispenses useful advice on all things social

Media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest and much more. You may anticipate advice from social networking experts about the best way best to formulate an effective social media strategy for each channel. Blog articles and articles include expert interviews, innovative case studies, reviews of the most recent industry study, podcasts and the latest social networking information.

It’s Super Useful For:

The strategy and case study blog articles are especially helpful in helping you plan and create your very own social media strategy and articles calendars.

6. Google Analytics: Occam’s Razor:

What You Can Expect:

Contains a whole slew of blog posts on every element of Google Analytics. You’ll find in-depth how-to guides and information on a wide range of topics, such as qualitative evaluation, competitive intelligence investigation, analytics tips, internet metrics and more. Author of two bestselling novels (Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics An Hour a Day), The world’s leading experts on Google Analytics we’d take his guidance.

It’s Super Useful For:

Getting to grip with Google Analytics fundamentals and studying more advanced Google Analytics tricks that will assist you to measure your site’s and effort’s performance.

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